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Technology is changing rapidly. Every day a new technology emerges, higher density drives, faster chip sets, more robust operating systems and firmware, and other technologies. Every IT organization, that is typically swamped, is told about the next best thing and how their product is better than the other, and somehow the IT organizations quickly become frustrated on evaluating all of them, and before they are finished another one emerges. Additionally, they may be saddled with older technologies for longer than they want.

So the following questions arise:

Is there a hybrid solution that makes sense?

Is one a clear leader for the organization?

With the changing technologies, what happens to the next weak link, the SAN backbone or infrastructure. Will it have the capacity to handle the increased performance and demands?

As data deduplication technology infiltrates newer products and clearly makes it presence known, does it make sense to bring into my organization and ditch the older technologies?

Aliado, an independent (vendor neutral) analysis, takes the burdens away from the IT organizations, applies methodology versus feeling, and keeps organizations looking at the facts, not the current frustrations.

Also, some solutions may make sense in certain areas, but may not meet the required recovery objectives for the organization. There may also be a breakpoint between recovery objectives, disaster recovery, and the Cost/TB.




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